25+ Nail Design Ideas for Short Nails

By Jessica Wilkes / January 18, 2017

These 25+ nail design ideas for short nails are classy, cute, and fairly easy to pull off! This season we’re seeing a lot of matte, classic white, and 3D designs. All of these are easily doable as long as you have the right polishes and accessories! Check out your local drug store department or beauty department to find super cute 3D nail accessories, stickers, and much more. Always make sure to have a matte top coat to achieve some of the matte looks and you’re good to go! These nail design ideas are specifically for short nails so check to see which one you like and try to replicate it! Happy painting!

25+ Short Nail Design Ideas

#1. Rose Gold Nails

25+ Nail Design Ideas for Short Nails

#2. Wine and White Nails

wine and white

#3. Beauty Icons Nails

beauty icons

#4. Gold and White Nails

gold and white

#5. White and Mint Nails

white and mint

#6. Playing Cards Nails

playing card

#7. Tribal Nails


#8. Floral Nails


#9. Football Season Nails

football season

#10. Pink Leopard Nails

pink leopard

#11. Yin Yang Nail Design

yin yang design

#12. Pink and Gold Nails

pink and gold

#13. Watermelons Nail Design


#14. Sweet Cherries Nails

sweet cherries

#15. Diamonds and Pearls Nails

diamonds and pearls

#16. Hippie Matte Nail Design

hippie matte design

#17. Blue Polka Dots Nails

blue polka dots

#18. Sunflowers Nails


#19. Pretty Spring Nail Design

pretty srping

#20. Pale Blue Nails

pale blue

#21. Sparkly Pink Nails

sparkly pink


#22. Matte Green Nails

matte green

#23. Geometric Pink Nails

geometric pink

#24. 3D White Nail Design

3d white design

#25. Pink Hearts Nails

pink hearts

#26. The Blues Nail Design


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Images Source: Fashionisers

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