Nail Art Tutorials To Rock This Summer

By Aniela / May 6, 2017

This summer, give your nails a little oomph with these nail art tutorials. Whether you have short nails or long nails, these nail art tutorials will work for any type of nails and they're fairly easy to do! Check out these tutorials and see which one you'd like to replicate this weekend! Having trouble replicating? Ask a friend to do your nails for a fun nail get together and get inspired to make your own designs!

Before going forward with any of these nail art tutorials, have some tools handy such as your favorite nail polishes, tape, nail dotter, and of course your base and top coats!

Summer Nail Art Tutorials

#1. Bow Nail Tutorial

bow art nail tutorial

Source: Amorium

#2. Panda Nail Art Tutorial

panda nail tutorial

Source: PolishPals

#3. Plaid Nail Tutorial

plaid nail tutorial

Source: TheBeautyDepartment

#4. Spackled/Cadbury Egg Inspired Nail Art Tutorial

spackled nail tutorial

Source: More

#5. Chevron Nail Tutorial

chevron nail tutorial

Source: SheKnows

#6. All Black Everything Nail Tutorial

black nail tutorial

Source: TheBeautyDepartment


fishtail nail tutorial

Source: AubreyHannah1

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