30 Summer Nail Designs You Can Copy

By Aniela / May 23, 2017

Show off your nails this summer with these adorable summer nail designs you can copy right now! Think of bright, clean designs that are reminiscent of sun, fun, and sand! We're absolutely in love with the bright, fruit designs we're seeing all over Instagram and Twitter, and want you to to try and copy that same look!

And hey, if your hand isn't that steady, choose one of your faves from below and take it to your local nail salon. They'll be more than happy to replicate whichever design you want! Choose from 30 summer nail ideas and put your best hand forward this season with these cute summer nail designs!

30 Summer Nail Designs

#1. Pastel Chevron Nails

Pastel nail polish looks amazing on all nail shapes and this look is especially easy to replicate! Use two small pieces of tape to copy the accent nail and get creative with different pastel colors!

pastel chevron nails

#2. Spring Flower Nails

Spring is a time of renewal and that means glowers galore! Have a friend help you with this summer nail design, or head to your local nail salon and have them replicate the look!

spring flower nails

#3. Artsy Nails

Bring out the artist in you with these artsy nails! Think stripes, color blocking and Picasso-reminiscent designs!

artsy nail design

#4. Sunny Floral Nails

Yellow is such a bold color and you'll definitely be making a statement with this yellow nail design! Get creative and so stripes, chevron patterns, polka dots, and more!

yellow nail design

#5. Neon Gradient Nails

These neon gradient nail design is a super fun summer nail idea that just screams concerts and festivals! While it may be a little hard to do at home, your local nail salon will be more than happy to replicate it!

neon gradient nail design

#6. Glitter Tips

These glitter tip nails remind us of Cadbury mini eggs due to their bright, pastel colors! Paint each nail a different pastel color and finish off with glitter on the tips.

glitter tip nail design

#7. Cool Flamingos

If you have an artistic hand, these flamingo inspired nails would be pretty easy to pull off! See how the flamingo's legs are actually the numbers 4? Perfect for a trip to Miami!

flamingo nails

#8. Bright Butterflies

Summer is all about bright colors and this butterfly nail design is the epitome of summer. Replicate this look using very fine nail brushes, decals, and/or nail stamps.

butterfly nails

#9. Simple but Sweet

This simple yet sweet summer nail design is pure class and sophistication! The pinkie accent nail is just perfect!

red nail design

#10. Mermaid Nails

Channel your inner mermaid with this mermaid inspired nail design. Think lots of glitter to replicate the scales, sea shells, and little rhinestones to complete the look.

mermaid nails

#11. Strawberry Nails

Fruit nail designs are all the rage this season, and believe it or not, this strawberry nail design is actually easy to replicate! Paint your nails with a matte red, wait for it to dry, and use a bright green polish to add the leaves at the bottom (it doesn't have to be perfect!). Top off with the white “seeds” and you're all set!

strawberry nail ideas

#12. Coral Gradient

These gradient nails look beautiful for the summer, but you can easily get creative and try different color schemes. Try blues, greens, and even nudes!

coral gradient nails

#13. Pink and Black

This pink and black nail design works really well for this nail shape, but regardless of the shape of your nails, you can totally pull this off! Use nail stickers or stamps to recreate the polka dots and accentuate with rhinestones.

pink and black nails

#14. Classy Hearts

This heart nail design is simple until you take a look at the intricate rhinestone heart design! If you've got an artistic hand, try this look, and if not, head to your nail girl so she can replicate this nail look!

rhinestone heart nails

#15. Strawberry Accent

Another strawberry nail idea, this one reminds us of a strawberry mousse! Soft, pastel pinks combined with a strawberry accent nail makes for the perfect summer nail design!

strawberry accent nails

#16. Pale Yellow Floral

This custardy yellow nail color is super feminine and classy, and is the perfect brunch nail look! This nail design will definitely turn some heads!

summer nail designs 13

#17. Subtle Black Tips

Subtle but sophisticated, this color block nail design requires some tape and a black nail polish pen. Make sure to leave a small space at the tip of the nail!

summer nail designs 12

#18. Soft Lilac

Not all nail designs have to be intricate! A clean, perfect manicure combined with a beautiful soft lilac polish like this one is all you need!

summer nail designs 11

#19. Bling Nails

These blinged out nails are perfect for a night out with your girlfriends or something as awesome as a Rihanna concert! Stock up on glitter nail polish and rhinestones and pull this look off!

summer nail designs 10

#20. White Lace

This white lace nail design is the definition of class and femininity, and this particular design would be great for a bride or wedding. Head to your local nail salon for this air brushed design.

summer nail designs 9

#21. Watermelon Nail Design

Strawberries aren't the only fruits making their way into the nail design world! Watermelon nail designs are super fun to replicate and look amazing on all nail shapes!

watermelon nail design

#22. White & Peach Nail Accent

This simple nail look is easy to replicate and is perfect for anyone who's looking for a low maintenance nail idea!

summer nail designs 8

#23. Red Gradient

This Snow White-esque nail design is a great look for a night out and is fairly simple to copy! Choose dark red matte nail polishes to pull this nail design off!

summer nail designs 7

#24. Soft Glitter

Another great option for a wedding nail design, this soft and glittery look is feminine and sophisticated. Easy to pull off and low maintenance!

summer nail designs 6

#25. Citrus Nails

Take a bite out of life with these citrus inspired nails! Bright, neon colors make this look, and even if you don't have an artistic hand, you can still get creative!

summer nail designs 5

#26. Bright Stripes

This tribal inspired striped design is super fun to replicate as it'll have you bringing out your entire nail polish collection! Or, head to your local nail salon!

summer nail designs 4

#27. Pink Floral Nails

Pink, floral nails are sweet and feminine, and this look is no exception. Rhinestones, glitter, and flowers put this flower nail design over the top!

summer nail designs 3

#28. Blue Accents

These blue nails definitely won't give you the blues, but they will make everyone look on with envy! Choose different shades of blue and add beautiful blue-hued rhinestones.

summer nail designs 2

#29. Pastel Pretty

Pastles, chevron, and glitter make this summer nail design stand out from the crowd! Use thin nail tape to replicate this amazing look!

summer nail designs 1

#30. Black, White and Gold

Black and gold aren't just for the winter months! This polished nail design is sophisticated and unique!

summer nail designs

Images Via: Glaminati

Have fun and get creative with these 30 summer nail designs!

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