Get the Perfect Manicure

By Aniela / March 8, 2009

Wanna know how to get the perfect manicure? If there's one thing I hate is spending my money at the nail salon, sitting there for hours and then having them chip within a few days. I say if you can do it yourself, save your money and use it on something better! Here is a step-by-step manicure that you can do at home and that'll get your nails to look more than perfect.

Get the Perfect Manicure


Invest in a Good Buffer

If you don't already have a 4-sided buffer, I suggest you invest in one – it'll be your ultimate tool in getting gorgeous nails. Four-sided nail buffers have numbers on the side that let you know which part to use for what. Buff your nails to ensure a smooth and high-gloss finish on your nails.

Use a Cuticle Remover

Take good care of your nails with a cuticle remover. Simply apply the remover on your cuticles (anywhere your nails meets your skin) and push them down with a orange stick or cuticle pusher. To remove the cuticles, push the stick back 2-3 times and wipe your nails with a cotton ball. Use a cuticle nipper to remove the hang nails after pushing them back.


Once you've buffed, trimmed and filed your nails, use a cuticle oil to massage the cuticles. Follow with a moisturizing hand cream for your hands.  At this point, your nails will look smooth, glossy and perfect. You don't even need a nail polish, just apply a clear coat and voila, you've got the perfect manicure!

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