16 Unique Matte Nail Designs You’ll Love

By Aniela / August 30, 2017

Matte nail designs have been super popular lately, with people trying totally unique designs and ideas, so we've gathered some of the coolest designs to share with you! Although these designs are showcased on (very) long nails, it really doesn't matter if your nails are short or long – anyone can pull off these matte nail designs.

Stores are packed full of matte shades, but you can actually make any nail polish matte simply by boiling some water, and holding freshly painted nails over hot water steam. Or, purchase a matte top coat and simply add a coat or two once your nail polish has dried.

Let's check out these unique matte nail art designs!

16 Matte Nail Designs

#1. Matte Black Nails

Matte black nails look amazing and these are no exception! To get the matte finish, just hold your freshly painted nails over steam or use a matte nail polish.

black matte nail designs

#2. Matte Nude Nails

The nude matte nails look beautiful and elegant, and they make the perfect nail color for any occasion. These will look especially great on short nails!

matte nude nails

#3. Black and Silver Black Nails

This black and silver nail art is perfect for the winter season, and the accent nails are spot on!

black and silver matte nails

#4. Baby Blue Matte Nails

These matte baby blue nails are visually stunning and will look amazing in spring and summer!

baby blue matte nail designs

#5. Marble Matte Nails

Marble matte nails add an air of sophistication and class, and these are no exception.

matte marble nails

#6. Purple Matte Nails

Do these purple matte nails scream Easter or not? This beautiful matte nail polish will look stunning in the spring!

purple matte nail designs

#7. Matte Nude and Glitter Nails

These nude matte and glitter nails look eye catching on these stiletto nails, but even if you have short nails, they'll still look amazing!

nude matte nail designs

#8. Dusty Pink Matte

These dusty rose matte nails are simple yet sophisticated. Whether you have long or short nails, this design will look great on all nail lengths!

matte dusty pink

#9. Neon Gradient Matte

A matte neon gradient nail is SO visually appealing, you'll want to copy this look asap!

matte neon gradient

#10. Olive Green Matte

This olive green nail design looks even better with a matte top coat! Simple, clean, and elegant is where it's at!

olive green nail design

#11. Matte Black Nail Design

These matte black nails have beautiful floral accent nails that can be worn all year long!

matte black design

#12. Peach Matte Nails

This eye catching peach matte color is SUPER bright and the perfect nail color for a summer festival.

peach matte nail designs

#13. Navy Matte Nails

Navy matte nails are soft and elegant and don't attract too much attention, making them the perfect office nail.

navy matte nail designs

#14. Ombre Matte Nails

We love this super simple yet elegant ombre matte nail design because it's not super high maintenance and will look great on all nail lengths.

matte ombre nails

#15. Cotton Candy Matte

This matte nail design totally reminds us of cotton candy!

cotton candy matte

#16. Matte Hot Pink Nails

This hot pink nail design is for the girly-girl in you! Simple, yet bright and summery, this eye catching nail design is one hot look!

matte hot pink nails

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Images Via: Postris

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4 years ago

omggg i looove the first matte black nail design, it looks so good!

4 years ago

do you recommend a good matte nail polish? ty!

4 years ago

Yes Orly is REALLY good for creating matte nail designs! Also recommend 🙂

4 years ago

ohh yeaah those black ones are on fleeeek!!

4 years ago

does matte nail polish last?

4 years ago

I also use Orly matte top coat, it has such a nice finish!

4 years ago

I wonder if these are dip nails or just a matte top coat? either way, stunning nails!