What do YOU think of the ‘Boyfriend Look’?

By Aniela M / January 16, 2009

So i was flipping through Cosmo the other day ( don't even ask me why, they've completely gone haywire!) and noticed the article “7 Boyfriend Look to Borrow” in the ‘Fun Fearless Fashion' area that I was shocked about, because frankly, I think the whole ‘boyfriend look' is a little too bummy…for me at least. What do you think?

What do YOU think of the ‘Boyfriend Look'?

Seems as if Katie Holmes paved the way this new year for the ‘boyfriend look' and sure, it looks cute on her. but then again almost everything looks good on these celebs. They've got the money to spend a grand on jeans, tops and accessories, not to mention hairstylists and makeup, so why would I even wanna attempt that when I know it won't look even close to that?Katie Holmes ‘Boyfriend Jeans’

And the jeans are absolutely horrible. If this is the new style, I'm sticking to my oldies but goldies. It just makes me so mad sometimes that these magazines will print almost anything (probably because they're running out of content). Cosmo didn't print this exact image, but it was something close to it…they've had this one not long ago actually in their mag.

They also suggest a few items for the ‘boyfriend look' such as a plaid scarf, a navy blue blazer, a pair of boyfriend jeans of course (can't WAIT to try on my boyfriend's jeans!), a stripped sweater, a tweed vest and a shrunken oxford. Yes, I'll take those items please but I think I'll wear them separately thank you very much!

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12 years ago


12 years ago

I think that you are totally right, the boyfriend look doesnt look good on everybody. I think we should leave the boyfriend look for the boys.

12 years ago

boyfriend must be look cute&cool

12 years ago

So true! Uck, the jeans look like they should belong in a trailer park!! Ha, ha!!
And the boyfriend look should definetly stay on the boys. But the accesories I don’t mind (the shirts, scarves, hats, etc.)

Btw: Has Katie Holmes heard of a bra??

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12 years ago


12 years ago

It’s hit or miss. I think it’s frompy.

12 years ago

**NOOO….Boyfriend jeans are such a breather in fashion!…girls always wear skinny jeans or stockings etc….so it’s nice to wear something different like the Boyfriend jeans..I totally love them….wear them with a pair of sandals/gladiators with a solid colored belt (prefereably brown like Katie’s)….they look amazing …also you can wear boyfriend T-shirts with them too…………………..and BTW…..>>>>>GUYS ACTUALLY THINK its HOT when a girl dresses up like this<<<<…..trust me!… I wear Hilfiger Boyfriend jeans and they look totally amazing when you wear them….try ittt!!

12 years ago

___its FASHION….someone has to start a trend right?

12 years ago

The boyfriend jean are very hot if you know how to rock them, i mean skinny is nice, but they are becoming over rated, which is not good. We need a different look.

11 years ago

I think its a cute look. Does anyone remember what it wuz like when skinny jeans came in style? not many people liked it.

9 years ago

The jeans even on Katie look very baggy!
There should be another better choice other than the skinny.