Winter Trend: Back to the Future

By Aniela / October 6, 2009

The winter trend this year? Back to the future of course! As we approach 2010, we're starting to see a lot more futuristic inspired fashions, especially on the runway. Italian designers as well as other world designers are turning to the future to incorporate into their styles.

Winter Trend: Back to the Future


Prada Coat 2010

Prada showcased some fantastic futuristic fashions, including this very sleek, metallic coat which would look great with a pair of skinnies or tights, black boots, and low-key makeup. Pull your hair back into a bun, and you're set to go. And we don't necessarily recommend you wear exactly what the model is wearing…after all, these are just guidelines!

Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci Dress 2010

Pucci pays homage to sci-fi sex symbol Barbarella here with this sexy little dress. It's actually not too over the top, so you can wear it with just a pair of sexy heels or as a tunic with tights or skinnies.

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani Dress 2010

I absolutely fell in love with this Armani dress. It's pretty simple, and I like the foil-metallic material paired with blue. Wear this sexy number with a pair of high-sky heels.


Versace Dress 2010

I love what Versace did here. We see a little bit of 60s mod fashion combined with a futuristic twist, which I think is just fabulous. Granted this dress is really short, you can either opt for a longer version or pair with tights.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo 2010

This is the perfect dress for when you really want to impress. The exaggerated shoulders give this dress its classic appeal, and actually helps you look slimmer too!

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elizabeth dallaire
14 years ago

do you have a website where I can see how much the Giorgio Armani is?