Worst Dressed Celeb of 2008

By Aniela M / January 6, 2009

And the award for the worst dressed celeb of 2008 goes to….Katy Perry! Yes we know you kissed a girl AND that you liked it, but as much as we love you, we just hate your outfit!

Worst Dressed Celeb

Sure I'll give the girl points for originality and guts but come on, I'm sure she had something better in her closet!

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12 years ago

wow!!!!!!!!!!! she does need fashion help like fast

12 years ago

Yeah she really does… And can someone teach her how to smile properly? She really scares me… By the way, she looks like a wrecked french lady.. seriously.. =P

12 years ago

i actually like how this looks on her.. could’ve been better of course, but it’s not that bad. She’s a celebrity.. she probably thought she could wear anything and pull it off. (which didn’t work out much)

12 years ago

ugghhhhh!!! I totally LOVE Katy’s style! It’s just so punk-rock edge!

11 years ago

I LOVE katy perry, no matter what she wears I’ll be behind her! She so creative with her style and yet she can be elegant at the same time! Luv ya~! xoxo