We all have stuff in our makeup box that’s been sitting there for God knows how long (at least I do). Sparkles from back in the day, and eye shadows that we probably shouldn’t even put on our skin. After all, we should all know that all products have a shelf life and eventually they expire. So if you’ve got stuff in there you don’t even remember wearing in the past year, it’s time to say goodbye. So clean out your makeup drawer and start stocking up on the stuff you really need this season.

Makeup: What’s In, What’s Out

In: A Matte Complexionget a matte complexion

This season it’s all about looking flawless and an almost greasy, dewy complexion is not the way to go. Instead, opt for a more subdued look that will give you compliments all year long.

Out: A Dewy Complexion

Save it for the summer time!

In: Natural Eyebrowsnatural eyebrows

It’s all about leaving your natural brows do their work and stop over-tweezing. This season it’s all about looking natural so let your brows have a chance!

Out: Super Arched Brows

You know exactly what I’m talking about: it’s just so fake!

In: Soft Lashessoft lashes

Stop piling on coat after coat of mascara. One coat of black or brown mascara is all you need: go for a more natural look.

Out: Piled on Lashes

Heavily mascarad lashes are not off the map but at least for this season keep it nice and simple.

In: Crimson Blush With a Sheenred cheeks

Go all out with rosy red cheeks this season ; it’s all the rage!

Out: Matte Orange Cheeks

Orange has never been a favorite color of mine and it’s not on your face either – it just looks too fake!

In: Letting Your Freckles Showfreckles are in

Let those beautiful freckles show by applying a sheer light tinted moisturizer to even out your skin tone.

Out: Covering Up Your Freckles

Don’t you dare hide those freckles: I wish I had them!

In: Cherry Red Lipscherry red lips

Sheer, cherry red lips complement every skin tone so go nuts!

Out: Bold Pink Lips

Stay away from bright pinks and such until the summer at least.

In: Chocolate Nail Polishchocolate nail polish

Sounds good enough to eat! This season it’s all about deep-toned nail polish such as burgundies and deep chocolates.

Out: Pink Nail Polish

Pink nail polish just doesn’t cut it this season; everything is way too luxurious for that. Again, save for summer.

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