My New Obsession: Oxford Booties

By Aniela M / January 2, 2009

My love for oxford booties started a few years ago when they weren't even popular, but eventually I just forgot about them and now that they're back I'm in love all over again. Some of the new styles I've seen had left me breathless and yearning to get 2, 3…maybe 5 pairs? I found some to-die-for styles that I wanted to share with you. Lemme know what you think!

My New Obsession: Oxford Booties

Steve Madden Oxfords Steve Madden Oxford booties. Cute and cheap, what more could you ask for?

oxford booties Some Dolce&Gabbana Oxfords…I wish!

Maya Shoes Oxfords A very sexy pair of patent leather oxfords.Mmm.

L.A.M.B. oxfordsL.A.M.B  booties…so adorable!!!

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12 years ago

these r verey cool love them

12 years ago

The D&G ones are pretty cool but I am not very fond of Oxford boots in general, they just don’t look sexy (or cumfy) enough for me…and if it’s not sexy and not comfy…why wear it?

12 years ago

Wow, I love this pairs!!! I’m a shoe addict…I’m craving for new flatforms lately but now, I got another ones to write on my list…Geeeeeeeez!!!

12 years ago

i LOVE booties!!!

11 years ago

I have always wanted a pair of those booties! I just don’t know if I can pull it off…