Finding Thigh High Boots is Grueling!

By Aniela / December 26, 2008

So I went on a quest to find the perfect thigh high boots and unfortunately, I came up empty. I looked everywhere you could possible think of, but unless I spend over a grand (which I certainly CANNOT) I'll end up with nasty stripper thigh-highs.

Finding Thigh High Boots is Grueling!

Is it so much to ask for really? All I wanted this Christmas was a pair of black, 4-inch pointy-heel thigh-high boots that were skin-tight from top to bottom. But guess what? There is no such thing unless I'm willing to spend thousands. Any suggestions?

Either way, I found some amazing loooking thigh-high boots I wanted to share with you, so here they are.

Halston thigh high boots Halston thigh-high boots at $1,995.

Christian Louboutin thigh high boots Christian Louboutin thigh-high boots.

sergio rossi thigh high boots Sergio Rossi thigh-high boots at $1,604

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15 years ago

they have purple and brown ones here for really cheap. (:

15 years ago

OMG Im totally losing it – I fell in love with Lara Bingles Thigh high boots and I have totally lost my marble trying to find them or a set that are equally euro and stylish! I cant believe theres nothing out there!!!! Yes the above are probably the best ive seen but I want LARA’s Boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 years ago

I have looked high & low for even a image of Lara wearing those boots – she made them look incredible!

If anyone can tell me where I can find the pic again, I will be very appreciative!

14 years ago

I found these amazing thigh-highs at AKIRA and instantly fell in love with them! They’re suede and have a gold zipper running down the back like Sergio Rossi boots. They’re not that expensive either and if you use the code blog20 you get 20% off the website too!! There weren’t that many left when I got them though so I’d get yours ASAP!

14 years ago

Topshop had amazing thigh high boots. However they are sold out. But I work in Topshop and I am confident they will be coming back into stock. So keep an eye out online. There are electric blue suede, black suede, and black leather. They are called Britany. So if you type that into google you may see pictures of them. I hope this info helps 🙂

14 years ago

i’ve been looking high and low as well, I’m willing to spend but my question is can a I 4’11 pull off thigh highs??

14 years ago

bebe has a really nice pair too they’re about 200 i believe. i hope i can pull off a pair. i’m only 5″0. planning to check them out next weekend 🙂

14 years ago


Try Victoria Secret, they have BEAUTIFUL thigh-highs, that is where I will be ordering form 🙂

14 years ago

Anybody know wher i can find white boots ?

14 years ago

Hello girl’s victoria has all that you are looking for and priced from $99.00 and up to like $180.00
They have black over the knee with lether trim around the thight boots i love!

And try love them! And the hole site is great!
Umm cute too!

14 years ago

hey I’m australian and i found a pair and Molini.
their velvet and omg so pretty
they dont look skanky and are pretty tight, and the price?
freakin $178 !!

14 years ago

hay you could always make spats, i reeeeeeeeeeeealy reeeeeeeeeaaly want some too and im making spats instead

ninja girl
14 years ago

well i got a pair of knee high boots and they look the same as the ones above. the heel the fabric everything and i got mine for 30 dollars online this christmas

14 years ago

looking for sergio rossi black leather thigh boot with zipper in back. the zipper start at the bottom of heel to the length of the boot

14 years ago