13 Short Hairstyles You’ll Fall in Love With

By Aniela / March 28, 2017

These 13 short hairstyles will inspire you to chop your hair right now! But if you're not ready to do that, and you already have short hair, these short hairstyles might be just the new thing you're looking for! This year, we've seen a lot of different styles and colors including balayage hair colors, rainbow hair,  and tons of highlights. We are in love with these hairstyles because they'll flatter almost any face shape and any skin color, so don't be afraid to experiment! We especially love the beach blonde looks as they remind us of spring and summer! So choose a favorite short hairstyle from below, take that pic to your local hair stylist and get that cut!

Short Hairstyles

#1. Short Brunette Hair

short brunette hair

#2. Short Balayage

short balayage hair

#3. Purple and Brunette Short Hair

purple and grey short hair

#4. Short Blonde Hair

short blonde hair

#5. Blonde Highlights

blonde highlights short hair

#6. Beach Blonde Short Hair

beach blonde short hair

#7. Dirty Blonde Short Hair

dirty blonde short hair

#8. Red Short Hair

reddish short hair

#9. Short Bronde Hair

short bronde hair

#10. Short Blonde Hair

short short blonde hair

#11. Beach Blonde Short Hair

bleach blonde short hair

#12. Blonde Tousled Hair

short hairstyles

#13. Short Blonde Streaky Hair

short blonde streaks hair

Images Source: Trend2Wear

So which of these styles did you like best?

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