16 Rainbow Hair Color Ideas You’ll Go Crazy Over

By Aniela / March 8, 2017

Rainbow hair has taken the world by storm with its inexplicably tantalizing and hypnotizing colors that you simply cannot take your eyes off! If you've ever thought of going the rainbow route, check out these 16 rainbow hair color ideas and get inspired to create your very own, very unique rainbow hue! And by that we don't actually mean you take it upon YOURSELF to do this – this is a job only for experienced colorists. This also means you shouldn't walk into your local Fantastic Sam's – no ma'am – this is a delicate, complicated job meant only for those that are truly knowledgeable in the rainbow hair color technique.

So what should you do next? Well, decide whether the rainbow trend really is for you! Is this something you could wear at work or no? Will this impede with a possible job search or other pursuits? If none of these questions even apply to you or you just don't give a beep, then what are you waiting for?!? Scroll below and feast your eyes on these candy colored manes ( I could start at these ALL day!) and pick your favorite one. Then, without any hesitation, RUN to your nearest color expert (picture in hand) and get it done! See how easy that was?

 16 Rainbow Hair Color Ideas

#1. Neon Rainbow Hair, Braided

neon rainbow hair with braid

Source: Pinterest

#2. Bright and Deep Rainbow

bright rainbow hair

Source: Therighthairstyles

#3. Pastel Princess Rainbow

pastel rainbow hair

Source: Pinterest

#4. Pastel Cotton Candy Rainbow

cotton candy rainbow hair

Source: Boredpanda

#5. Long Rainbow Hair

long rainbow hair

Source: Pinterest

#6. Hidden Rainbow Hair

hidden rainbow hair

Source: Dailymail

#7. Short Hidden Rainbow

short rainbow hair

Source: Buzzfeed

#8. Hidden Pastel Rainbow Color

hidden pastel rainbow hair

Source: Dailymail

#9. Blue Green Rainbow

blue green rainbow hair

Source: Pinterest

#10. Wavy Neon Rainbow

#11. Rainbow Front View

#12. Mermaid Rainbow

rainbow mermaid hair

Source: Pinterest

#13. Cascading Rainbow

cascading rainbow hair

Source: Pinterest

I just got some serious rainbow hair envy!

Wanna see more hairstyles and hair tutorials? Check out our Hair How-Tos blog and get lost in a sea of gorgeous manes!

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 Rainbow Hair

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