5 Quick Ways to Get Mega Volume

By Aniela / June 29, 2010

Ah…the age old question, how does one get mega volume? It can be hard at times, but thankfully there are hundreds of different ways to give your mane a boost, and, sometimes, the quickest ways are the best!

5 Quick Ways to Get Mega Volume

1.The 30 Second Quick Fix

I don't know about you guys, but I always carry a travel-sized hairspray in my bag (along with everything else). Just pick up a cheap travel-sized spray from the dollar store and throw it in your bag! When your hair needs a quick pick-me-up just flip your hair upside down, spray once or twice at the roots and rake your fingers gently over your top tresses to keep the volume.

2. The Backcomb

No, DON'T do like Snookie, that type of teasing is just trashy, so instead, just tease your roots all around the crown (no more than 3 layers) and smooth on a anti-frizz to keep your hair shiny and voluminous at the same time.

3. Root Boosters

Root boosting sprays are available everywhere now, and one of my favorites is John Frieda's Luxurious Volume Root Booster because it gives amazing volume without weighing your hair down or greasing it. Just spray it onto towel-dried roots, blowdry upside down and watch as your hair transforms from limp to mega volume!

4. Pile it Up

Another quick way to get volume is to flip your hair upside down, spray on a lightweight hairspray and, while your head is still down, gather all your strands at the top of your head and secure them with bobby pins. Let them sit for about 10 minutes and unravel your big, gorgeous mane!

5. Bump Its?

Ok, so this last one is a little iffy, and I have to admit when I first saw these plastic hair bumps I was turned off a little, but after my friend lent me hers to try it out, they actually weren't bad! Sure, I wouldn't use these everyday just because I would feel weird, but if you're just heading out for a few drinks and don't have time to do your hair, they're perfect! Just place them underneath your hair at the crown and you'll see a nice big bump which actually doesn't look fake at all!

And don't forget to use a thickening/volumizing shampoo, conditioner, and mousse for even more volume!

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13 years ago

Bump-It’s only work if you have alot of hair to cover it! I used them on my thin hair and after like 10 minutes the hair fell and you could see the very odd shaped bump! I deffinetly recommend plain old teasing because it usually looks more normal then some plastic holder that showes the minute you move your head.

Matha M
13 years ago

I stumbled Shielo’s Flexible Hair Spray during my vacation to New York City in a salon. I needed a hairspray while on that trip and held my breath as I paid $20 for the bottle. I am so happy I didn’t put it back on the shelf! I wish I bought online though cause its cheaper – shielo.com This hairspray goes on light but holds so well. On a day when my hair is flat or not looking so good, I style it .. spray the front then lean a bit forward and slightly upside down to let the spray… Read more »

13 years ago

i agree with Martha’s posting. Shielo is great! But why do they only accept google and paypal on their website?

That made me hesitate, but I did find their products at a salon in scarsdale. Cheaper online, but I do not have paypal.

13 years ago

Remember, we will ALWAYS have our one secret weapon: Blowdrying. I have very blonde, very thin hair, so by the middle of the day it looks terrible. I told my friends on Facebook, and they told me about this unique strategy, and I was suprised to find bouncy, yes bouncy, hair! Make sure your hair is damp, then spray on some oh-so-loved mousse, flip your head over, brush with a circle brush, and blowdry! Lightly mist with extreme stay-in-place hair spray, then get ready to whip your hair!

Charrie Parks
12 years ago

I have terribly stubborn fine thin hair and have tried and spent so much on volumizing, thickening, root lifting creams, mouseses,sprays,lotions and potions. And oh do I have the packed bathroom cabinet to prove it!! From $5.00 ranging to $35.00 for a meager 2.5 fl oz bottle Ive tried em all. Its always tough for me to find something that will give me volume, root lift, general managability and hold esp against the humidity in the summer. A great deal of products worked just as claimed until I would leave the house and my results expired before my eyes.What I… Read more »