Go Green…With Your Eyeshadow

By Aniela / June 30, 2010

Go green…with your eyeshadow! It's time to put away your neutrals, and start experimenting with bright, glittery colors! Summer always puts me in the mood to try bright, unexpected colors, and you'd be surprised at what a huge pick-me-up a little color can do for you!

Go Green…With Your Eyeshadow

Lately I've been obsessed with greens probably because of all the beautiful foliage around me, but also because green eyeshadows bring out the green specks in brown and hazel eyes (which I have), as well as green eyes which make them stand out even more.

This look is actually pretty easy to achieve and it's perfect for day or night as it's not too dramatic. Here's how to get this look!

Step 1:

Prime your lids with a lid primer or a concealer, they both work just as well. This will ensure a clean canvas which will make it easier to work on. Also, the blank canvas helps your eye color stand out better.

Step 2:

Take an angled eyeliner brush and damp it. Run the brush over a green eyeshadow (your preference), but I like MAC eyeshadow in Shimmermoss which is a green with turquoise shade that looks breathtaking. Next, run the angled brush along your upper lash lines, extending just a little bit past your outer corners (see picture!).

Step 3:

Last but not least pick up a highly pigmented glittery green shade like Urban Decay's Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Stagedive and apply it on top of the green line you've already made. To complete your green look, go with a nude lipstick and finish off with a swipe of lipgloss.

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13 years ago

I love this website! I have tried alot of these tips. Thanks 🙂