How to Wash Your Hair With Baking Soda

By Aniela / May 19, 2015

Today we'll be looking at how to wash your hair with baking soda! A lot of people are switching to more natural methods of cleansing, such as the facial oil cleansing I wrote about last week. So if we can use a natural agent on our skin, why not on our hair?

I've been doing a lot of research lately, trying to figure out a way to ditch traditional store-bought shampoos for several reasons:

no shampoo

  1. They're overpriced
  2. They contain a ton of chemicals
  3. They damage your hair
  4. They're carcinogenic (all those chemicals DO actually seep into your scalp. Scary, I know)

So for those reasons alone, I'm ditching my shampoo for greener pastures!

Enter…baking soda

baking soda

So many uses, so little time! I use baking soda for a slew of different thing, including as a deep cleanser. Recently though, I've been washing my hair with it! That's right – using ONLY baking soda and water, my hair gets a good cleanse. Baking soda is amazing for your hair because it removes all dirt, build-up, and smells from your hair all while keeping a good balance of oil. So your hair won't be oily but it also won't strip it completely of oil: you need oil in your hair for shine and softness after all!

What you'll need:

1 tbsp baking soda

1cup water


Portrait of young beautiful woman washing her head

Mix the baking soda with the water and massage it into your hair as you would with shampoo. The mixture should feel liquidy and NOT gritty. If the mixture IS gritty, use a little less baking soda next time. Leave on for about 1 minute and rinse out as you normally would. Follow up with an apple cider vinegar rinse (2 tablespoons ACV + 1 cup water).

Things to Note:

Depending on the length or thickness of your hair, you may need to increase the amount of baking soda and water. Just be careful that you don't use TOO much baking soda as it could dry your hair. Start off small and see what works best for you! You can also make a big batch and store it in an empty shampoo bottle. Please be advised that within the first week or two of washing your hair with baking soda, you'll go through a sort of “detox” process. Well, your hair will! It may feel greasier/oilier than normal, but not to worry – it's all part of the process. Don't over wash it – this will go away within 2 weeks max and you'll be back to naturally shiny, healthy, bouncy hair without any chemicals in it! If, within this time period, you feel like your hair is too oily, just apply some baby powder to your roots and voila  – that'll do the trick!

Oh and did I mention how cheap this option is? You're gonna save so much money you won't know what to do with it! Okay, maybe that was an exaggeration, but seriously, for like $2 (the cost of a box of baking soda), you'll have natural, organic, GOOD FOR YOU shampoo that'll last you for MONTHS!

Now THIS is worth sharing!


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5 years ago

Hi thnx alot for the good iniciative (the baking Soda shampoo) i jst started sunday for the first time but i love the results. Thank you so mch.

4 years ago

I just tried the baking soda shampoo today , I’ve used acv for softness. So far so good even after the first time..tks

4 years ago

Can I apply this shampoo after applying an egg mask for my hair

Jamie L
4 years ago

Can you use this on colored hair?

1 year ago

Do you rinse out the vinegar rinse, or let it in