18 Genius Ways to Use Vaseline In Your Beauty Regimen

By Aniela / May 19, 2015

Ever wonder why Vaseline is so widely used? Here are 18 genius ways to use vaseline in your beauty regimen! Vaseline (petroleum jelly), like coconut oil, aloe vera, and so many others, is an inexpensive must-have beauty tool. So here are 18 ways you can use Vaseline in your beauty routine.

18 Genius Ways to Use Vaseline In Your Beauty Regimen

  1. Lip balm for chapped lips
  2. Moisturizer for dry skin
  3. Makeup remover
  4. Scrub: mix it with sea salt or sugar for a quick, DIY body/face scrub
  5. Night cream
  6. Manicure protector: apply it to the base of your nails so your nail polish doesn't run
  7. Shaving: apply a very thin layer, without water, and get to shave
  8. Highlighter: apply to cheeks and under eyes for a dewy, glowing look
  9. To soften elbows
  10. Lip exfoliant: apply to lips and leave on for 2 minutes. Scrub off with a toothbrush
  11. Protects skin from hair dye: apply to your forehead, around the ears, and behind your neck to protect your skin from the dye.
  12. Conditioner: apply a thin layer to wet hair before shampooing
  13. Seals split ends: apply to split ends for an instant hair wake-up
  14. Cream blush: mix it with a lipstick to make a beautiful, inexpensive blush
  15. Prevents uneven tanning
  16. Moisturize and tame eyebrows
  17. Prevents Chafing
  18. Makeup stain remover

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