Choose Your Perfect Hair Color – Without the Salon!

By Aniela / September 26, 2011

Are you having a hard time choosing your perfect hair color? It seems as if even today women have a very hard time finding that perfect hair color. The color is either too light, too dark, or just doesn't suit the complexion. And it's not like going to the salon is always an option or even works out in your favor! So what's a girl to do?

Your Perfect Hair Color

Enter John Frieda and his new collection of hair dyes. You probably already know of Frieda's extensive hair products and how good they really are, but until now, he's never experimented with actual hair color. So I was super excited when I heard this, and since I'm a hair dye junkie, I tried it out right away.

Well maybe not right away though, since I checked out the John Frieda website and found a Shade Selector that I thought was just genius! Start by selecting your natural shade and then go on from there. It will ask you a few questions, and, in the end, will give you the perfect hair color for YOU! As soon as I got my result, I went out and bought the exact same color and I must say it came out amazing!

There have been only a few hair dyes that I really liked, but this one is my new favorite. The color came out exactly as I wanted it, and it went perfectly with my complexion. I don't know how they figured it out, but I got better results than I would at the salon!

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