Conditioning is the Key

By Aniela / October 31, 2007

You know how all the stars have beautiful, shinning, perfect looking hair all the time? Well it's time for us normal people to do the same. Get beautiful hair that not only looks healthy but is healthy too: it's time for conditioning.

First off, a lot of people believe that conditioners don't work; your hair is dead already! Well, the conditioner gives your hair the illusion that it's sparkly and alive; it just makes your hair look better, but it repairs it as well. Most conditioners contain keratin, which is an amino acid. This will resurface the hair and not wash out completely, so make sure you get a conditioner that contains keratin.

First off, remember to take care of your hair. So frequent coloring, blow-drying and straightening, is a big no-no! If you have coarse or curly hair, leave a little bit of conditioner in as it will make your hair softer, moisturized and manageable.

If you have fine hair, make sure you don't use too much conditioner as it can weigh your hair down. Apply conditioner only to the ends and work it through with a wide-tooth comb all the way from the ends to the roots.

For those with normal hair, just try to find the best conditioner out there and it should do justice. Volumizing shampoos and conditioners don't give you volume; they are just light enough not to make your hair become flat or oily.

Leave-in conditioners are a good idea; once a week only. If you tend to over-use leave-in conditioners, your hair won't look shiny or glossy but rather flat and oily.straight-hair.jpg

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