Easy Hairstyles That Anyone Can Do

By Aniela / February 16, 2017

Who doesn't love a good hair tutorial every now and then? Unfortunately, some of the hair tutorials we do find, are incredibly hard to pull off! These easy hairstyles though, are MADE so that anyone can replicate them whether you're a hair guru or a disaster. We've tried a bunch of different hairstyles to see which were the best AND easiest to pull off, and we can up with these!

We are absolutely sure that you'll love these easy hairstyles just as much as we do, and that you'll be able to pull them off!

6 Easy Hairstyles

#1. 3 Braid Hair Tutorial

three braid hair tutorial

Source: Astucesdesfilles

This hair tutorial shows you how to pull off a pretty awesome braid, by braiding three braids instead of just one.

#2. The Half Up Top Knot

top knot hairstyle

Source: Bmodish

The half up top knot is SO easy to pull off and works for any occasion!

#3. The Half Up Lace Rose

half up lace rose hairstyle

Source: Hairsilver

Want a really bitching half up hairstyle? This one is just for you then!

#4. Reversed Braided Bun

reverse braided bun

Source: Lulus

If you're good with braids, this reversed braided bun looks amazing!

#5. Top Half Messy Hair

Perfect for any occasion, this easy-to-do top half messy hair style is hair goals!

#6. DIY Messy Bun

diy messy bun

Source: Aislestyle

The always classic, never faltering messy bun.

Which one of these easy hairstyles do you think you'll pull off?

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