Full-Bodied Hair

By Aniela / February 1, 2008

Getting your hair to look big and full can be a challenge. I can tell you many instances when I've tried to get big, full hair and nothing really works. Even with my blow drier and tons of mousse, my fine hair doesn't stand a chance.

Full-Bodied Hair

Thankfully, my stylist solved this problem for me. No more struggling to get a little volume that lasts 10 minutes. This time, I've got the volume, and it's not going anywhere. At least not for some time!

The secret to getting full-bodied hair is in the color. Adding lowlights (the reverse of highlights) creates the illusion of volume and depth. So my stylist decided to go ahead and do this for me!

She pinned up my hair around the crown, and colored the layer underneath two shades darker than the rest of my hair. It's a subtle boost that will last for months, and you won't regret it!

But if you don't want to add more color to your hair (maybe because your hair is already damaged) then I suggest just sticking to your mousse and blow drier. Add lots of volume by running a volumizing mousse through damp hair and blow drying upside down. If you need to straighten your hair, do just the ends as the iron can flatten your hair if you run it all throughout. hair volume

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[…] back a small section between your temples. Tease those strands first to create a little bit of height and volume and smooth over with a brush. Secure everything with a clip at the base of your crown. This look is […]

15 years ago

Hey I really needed this, this is great!

15 years ago

I wanna suggest a wet roller sets. If you part your hair straight down the center about 3 inches wide. Down again parrallel to the middle front your forehead down to your nape (neck) a little smaller. Next apply your rollers w/product of choice wet/mousse/gel. Section hair down partings about 1 roller width. Pull sections stright up/forward 45 degree angle from center of partings.( keep roller set as tight as possible and clip into place. Continue w/ your whole head. Let rollers completely dry. Pull out. Voila… this should create the most volume.

15 years ago

sounds cool I’ll definetly have to try it