Get Tantalizing Volume

By Aniela / October 19, 2007

Getting voluminous hair can be a challenge, especially if you don't have much time to get ready in the morning. Read on to learn how you can get beautiful, tantalizing volume to your mane.

How to Get Volume

A beehive is your best friend. No, I don't mean a real beehive, but a hair beehive. It can create volume where you need it most- at the base.

Start by back-combing your strands at the crown, taking a fine-tooth comb close to your scalp. Mist it with some hair spray.

Smooth it over with a bristle brush. Gather your hair up between your ears, and push it slightly forward to form a soft bump.

Finish this sexy style off by securing your do with crisscrossed bobby pins. Voila! You have sexy, tantalizing volume!eva mendes

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16 years ago

[…] your hair to look big and full can be a challenge. I can tell you many instances when I’ve tried to get big, full hair and […]