How to Repair YEARS Worth of Damaged Hair In Just 2 Weeks

By Aniela / August 17, 2016

Dry, damaged hair is something most of us are cursed with, and let's face it: it's nobody's fault but ours! I remember my first ever hair change was a perm. A PERM! How insane is that? And did I mention I was 12? After that, it was all downhill! A natural brunette, my hair changed colors every 6 months or even sooner! From brown to red, to blonde, to black, to another perm, to bleach blonde – you name it, I had it! And I'm sure this story is familiar to most of you. But once I hit the big 3-0, things started to look bleak (at least hair wise!) My locks were dry, brittle, damaged, and my hair was breaking. At first, I just ignored it and tried to “repair” it by straightening it more, curling it more, and doing everything possible that didn't require any actual work. But that just made things even worse!

Then, I discovered something absolutely amazing! This DIY homemade treatment SAVED my hair and repaired YEARS worth of damage and in just 2 weeks! I did this treatment every single day for 2 weeks and my hair completely changed. It was amazingly soft, the damage was gone, there was no more breakage, and it started to grow like crazy! So here's how to repair YEARS worth of damaged hair in just 2 weeks!

How to Repair YEARS Worth of Damaged Hair

First, there are some rules you must follow for at least 2 weeks:

  1. No heating tools. For 2 weeks, don't use a blow drier, a straightener, or a curler. Heat can wreak havoc on your hair, but it can destroy already damaged hair.
  2. No wrapping your hair in a towel – this actually causes insane breakage so never, ever wrap wet hair in a towel
  3. No brushing your hair when wet. If you do, make sure you use a wide-tooth comb

Follow this regimen for 2 weeks (or more if you want) and you will see AMAZING results!

You'll Need:

a bottle of coconut oil

a bottle of castor oil

1 bottle organic apple cider vinegar

1 shower cap

The Nightly Drill:

Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, you can adjust the quantities as you see fit. The point is to cover your entire head with the mixture.

Mix equal parts coconut oil with equal parts castor oil in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave for 20 seconds. Dip your fingertip in and make sure that the oil mixture isn't searing hot. It should just be warm. Have a towel draped over your shoulders, as this may get a little messy. Tilt your head back a little and pour the mixture over your head.

Massage your head in slow, circular motions for 5 minutes. Then, place the shower cap over your head and leave on until the next day. Castor oil has amazing properties which strengthens the hair and makes it grow, while the coconut oil deeply moisturizes. The combination of the two is unlike anything else you'll ever try! Because castor oil is a carrier oil, it strengthens the coconut oil making it even more potent. The combination of the two is a MIRACLE!

In the morning, remove the shower cap and rinse the oils with warm water. Shampoo as usual and rinse. Then, rinse your hair one final time with apple cider vinegar. Just tilt your head back, and pour the ACV over your head. The ACV will get rid of any extra residue or dirt, and give your hair intense shine.

Do this every single night (or as much as you can) for 2 weeks (or more if you can!), and you'll notice your hair starting to repair itself unlike anything else you've ever seen!

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