9 Hair Style Guides to Combat a Bad Hair Day

By Aniela M / October 1, 2014

Bad hair days are more prevalent than we'd want them to be, but thankfully, there are many ways around that. Check out these illustrated guides to the easiest and chicest hair styles for when your hair just isn't in the mood for much. So here are 9 hair style guides to combat a bad hair day.

We love these hair style guides as they're fairly easy to pull off and work on most hair types and lengths! Plus, there is a hair style for every occasion from casual to dressy and everything in between! If you find yourself having a hard time replicating any of these hair styles, have a friend do it for you or take one of these pictures to your local salon – your stylist will be more than happy to help you!

9 Hair Style Guides to Combat a Bad Hair Day

#1. The Piece-y Pony


#2. The Side Bun



#3. The Big Bunthe big bun

#4. Wrapped Around


#5. Boho Headband Braid


#6.  Bow Braid (Not for the inexperienced but super cute!)


#7. Fishtail Braid


#8. Knotted Pony


#9. The One Sided Braid

hair style guides

So next time you're having a bad hair day, pull off one of these styles! Don't forget to share:)

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