3 New Hair Colors You MUST Try This Summer

By Aniela / June 5, 2015

Sun's finally out and that means it's time for a change! Whether you're getting a new cut or just sprucing up your hair color, these next 8 hair colors are definitely ones you'll want to try! So here are 3 new hair colors your MUST try this summer!

3 New Hair Colors You Must Try This Summer

#1. Copper Red

copper red

Remember the first time red became popular and we didn't think we'd see it on more than just a few celebs? Well it's still hot and it's making a HUGE comeback this summer. The good news? A good shade of red can look great on any skin tone! Just ask your stylist for a red that complements YOUR skin tone.

#2. Monotone Brunette

monotone brunette

Good news brunettes! If you have a one-hued brown color, keep it that way! It's shiny, it's glossy, and it's super sexy. So don't get swayed by blonde just yet – brunettes are IT for the summer!

#3. Caramel Blonde

new hair colors

A fost, warm caramel blonde is just what the doctor ordered for a perfect summer. Ask your stylist for caramelly highlights. They work on almost any skin tone.

So which hue will be your go to for the summer? Don't forget to share:)

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