Swirly Curls

By Aniela / February 8, 2007

This year, curls are making a huge comeback so be sure you're prepared for what's up ahead!

You don't need to get a perm, or go to a salon to get beautiful, swirly curls. And by swirly curls, i mean L.A style, laid back curls. They're loose and flowy tendrils that frame your face, and they're extremely easy to pull off!

Start off by creating a center part in your hair. Grab a 2-inch section of hair on either side and wrap it around your index finger as if making spirals. Make sure you have a bobby pin or a clip ready, so that when you pull your finger out from your hair, you can secure it tightly.

Do the exact same move on the other side. Relax for about 20 minutes, and unravel your curls. Finger comb them a bit, and spritz on a light hair spray, like Tresemme Tres Two Hair Spray which is only $3.99

Now you can face the ugly, dreaded winter weather with some beautiful L.A style swirly curls!

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