Get Sexy Smoky Eyes

By Aniela / February 13, 2007

Sexy smoky eyes have been around for ages, and they're not about to leave anywhere either. Smoky eyes are perfect anywhere, anytime because the makeup is not overdone, and it adds a little bit of mystery and allure to your look. Here's how to get this incredibly sexy smoky look.

First off, you will need a few tools. Opt for a darker eyeshadow such as a chocolate brown, charcoal or bronze. You'll also need a flat eyeliner brush and a cotton swab.

Begin the process by applying a nude eyeshadow over your entire lid. This will put your makeup in place, so that you don't get any smudges or creases. Dip the edge of your eyeliner brush into the dark eyeshadow. Tap off the excess powder.

Gently, press the tip of the liner brush into the base of your upper lashes. Repeat again along the length of your eyelashes. Add more shadow if needed.

With the cotton swab, gently smudge the liner upwards as if to blend it with the neutral shadow. Finish off by applying two thick coats of black mascara to your top and bottom lashes.

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16 years ago

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16 years ago

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15 years ago

thanks this like so helped. im feeling better than ever, even my boyfriend notices!

15 years ago

thats exactly how meagan foxes eyes are except her eyes are
blue so the brown makes her eyes pop ow and when you do this it is always good to do nude colors on your lips and brozish foundations with a light pink blush it’s perfect for a party or night out

14 years ago

No offence, but thats very basic. Most girls would discover this on their own just by playing around with makeup. We want something a little more advanced…

14 years ago

Get it Aniela!!!! What a good tip!

14 years ago

no, this simpleness is great! most girls over due there smoky eyes and end up looking trashy. now you have set the bar right and i hope to see some beautiful smoky eyes out in the wrold.

14 years ago

Uri if it is so “basic” and you can work out how to do it by playing around with make-up, then how come your looking up how to do it on this site. Hah
can i hear a toucheee

14 years ago

Please.dis is urgent for me.I don’t have white eyes.dey r actually brown.even with my beautiful eyes still looks dull.pls any remedy to mke my eyes white?

13 years ago

this is a gourgous look but i found that like a deep plum or purple color makes hazel eyes POP! haha so try usding dark brwon or grey and purple together if you have hazel eyes:)

13 years ago

if yu have brown eyes then tryy chocolate or dark brown nd bronze 2gethr yu kno like the darker on top nd lighter on bottom. it looks great! oh nd wit blu eyes expirimentt wit da charcoal nd black when yu mix two darker tones it looks jux fantastix!

13 years ago

tried to do the smokey eyes but i can never get it to turn out…help!!!!