Freeze a Pimple

By Aniela / February 13, 2007

Stressed out because of a pimple? Don't let that face monster get the better side of you; instead freeze it out, and say goodbye to it!

Although you can cover pimples with a ton of concealer, it's not necessarily the best idea because it can clog the pimple even more, which in turn, will make it bigger and bigger.

The best thing to do is dab a little toner over the pimple to dry up any excess oil. Then, wrap an ice cube in a tissue and dab it on the pimple, to cool and flatten the bump.Make sure you don't leave the cube on for too long, as it will cause redness.

Finish off by drying your skin off with a tissue and applying a good concealer, preferrably a wand concealer which gives you better and more precise application.

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tried basicly everything
14 years ago

MY REVIEW! okay, ive been trying this technique and have stopped because of my last incedent. I use to leave it on my pimple for about 5 mins at a time because i heard about this on a forein magazine. While expecting quick fast results in finding my pimple to dissapear within hopfully a “couple of days” it only freezed my pimple in place. I had the horride lump on my face for about a month absolute no exaderations (spell check on that ahah) and on top of my the frigging pimple was huge!…it was truly an fml for me… Read more »

13 years ago

i aggreee with the last review..i tried freezing the pimple
then soon after i got a huge lump on the spot the pimple was in.
it wasnt even a pimple anymore, sort of like a wart! it wasnt
even red, kinda pinkish white!

12 years ago

what if you have a really big one and it will not go away?

12 years ago

it has gone away.

11 years ago

If this doesnt work, freeze a spoon for 10 minutes then cover it over your pimple untill its warm again