Tea Hair Rinses For All Hair Types

By Aniela / May 19, 2017

If you've never rinsed your tresses with tea before, you're missing out! Tea contains a ton of antioxidants and healing properties that when applied to hair can cure a multitude of hair problems. These tea hair rinses are perfect for all types including dry, damaged hair, thin hair, and dry hair. See which one of these tea hair rinses fits your hair issue and give it a shot!

Tea Hair Rinses


#1. Rosemary Tea for Hair Growth and Shine

Brew a cup of rosemary tea according to package instructions. Pour into a container, jar or spray bottle (best method as you can directly spray on), and rinse with the rosemary tea after conditioning. The tea will seal in moisture, therefore making hair super shiny while the rosemary promotes quick hair growth.

#2. Black Tea for Hair Loss and to Darken Hair

The black tea hair rinse is only recommended for darker hair as it WILL darken hair, especially after multiple uses. On the other hand, black tea contains strong properties which prevent hair loss, encourages growth, and also adds shine.

#3. Green Tea for Strong Hair and Moisture

Green tea contains a ton of antioxidants and will detox the hair from root to tip. Rinse your hair with green tea to strengthen weak, damaged hair and add moisture to dry tresses.

After using any one of these tea hair rinses, you'll immediately notice shinier hair, but use it every time after washing your hair for a few weeks, and then 2-3 times a week to really see a difference.

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Tea hair rinses

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