How to Use Onions for Hair Growth

By Aniela / May 12, 2017

Onions for hair growth have been used for hundreds of years and is one of those old school beauty tricks that everyone should try! If you have thin, breaking, or damaged hair that just won't grow, this may be the solution for you! A word of caution though, this is NOT going to smell pretty, so we advise against using this method before a date or a big outing (unless of course you want to smell like an onion!).

Onions for Hair Growth

onion juice

Source: Womensbeautyadvice

Onions for hair growth have literally been used for decades, especially to treat baldness and gray hair. Thousands of people have seen immense success in regrowing hair and rebuilding hair structure. This is because onions are very rich in sulfur, which is one of the building blocks of hair. The sulfur in onions improves blood circulation and provides the hair follicles with a ton of nutrients. Onions also have anti-bacterial properties, which is great for those with dry, problem scalp. They also contain an enzyme called catalase which is an anti-oxidant that prevents premature aging (gray hairs).

This method has actually been studied scientifically and in a study, doctors have noticed that 84% of the participants who applied onion juice twice a day to the scalp for two months experienced faster hair growth as opposed to those who didn't.

Onion Rinse for Hair Growth:

before and after hair growth with onion juice

Source: Newhealthadvisor

  1. Peel a red onion and chop it up into small pieces. Squeeze the juice out either with a juicer or by hand.
  2. Or, you can just leave a peeled onion whole and stick it in a juicer.
  3. Massage the juice into the scalp for 1-2 minutes, concentrating on bald spots if there are any.
  4. Leave on for 15 minutes or more and wash out with shampoo.
  5. Use as often as you possibly can. If you're not leaving the house, go ahead and massage the onion juice into the scalp twice a day.

You should start seeing results within one month. Your hair should start growing thicker, it will be shinier, and have an overall healthier, bouncier feel.

This isn't the fastest hair growth method, or the most pleasant smelling one, but with a little determination and patience, this will definitely pay off!

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Onions for Hair Growth

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5 years ago

Can I put it on inside the shampoo bottle

Jitrice Sanford
5 years ago

Can it be bottled onion juice.