What’s Your Fave Celebrity Hairstyle?

By Aniela / February 4, 2009

Celebrities seem to pave the way for everything these days, including what we should be wearing, how we should be wearing it, and so on and so forth. I always talk about celebrity outfits and such, but I thought I would do switch it up a bit (so dangerous!) and do a celebrity hairstyle post for once. I've picked so of my favorite celeb styles, so please feel free to comment and let me know who's your favorite or your worst pick!

What's Your Fave Celebrity Hairstyle?

beyonce hair Beyonce‘s hair is absolutely gorgeous and I love this color on her. Although I'm not too sure, but I think she might be wearing extensions in this picture. Either way, I'm envious.

heather graham hair I love Heather Graham's hair; it's so full and shiny and she always has it perfectly styled.

victoria beckham hair I know a lot of people bashed Victoria Beckham's bob, but I truly fell in love with it. I think it looks very chic and modern, although I could never pull that off in a million years.

reese witherspoon hair No one pulls off bangs better than Reese Witherspoon and I absolutely love the color too; it suits her perfectly.

alicia keys hair Alicia Keys' curls are absolutely to die for. It looks like it might take a long time for her hair to get like that, but it's absolutely worth it!

rihanna hair I was a little disappointed when Rihanna chopped off her long locks, but I do like this hairstyle on her…especially when it's curled like this. I'm not sure about the straight bob she usually sports…it looks too harsh on her.

kate hudson hair Last but not least it Kate Hudson with her long blond wavy locks, which I am completely envious of!

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15 years ago

My fave celebrity hairstyle is Miley Cyrus’s blond locks. But I like it better if it was brown like when she was Miley Stewart. My hair is just plain black LOL

15 years ago

wow thats awsome

15 years ago

i <3 victoria beckham’s hair! mine’s really boring. dirty blond and poker straight 🙁

13 years ago

i lurrvvveee long hair, its so beautiful and u can do anything and everything with it!! i have darkish brown hair with caramel highlights and everyone comments on my hair.

zidonia johnson
12 years ago

love rihannaz hair soo much just wanna it rite now

12 years ago

I love alicia keys’ hair in that pic as well. I have similar hair to hers so I can tell you that the style didnt take long at all, those are her natural curls!