Headbands or Not?

By Aniela / February 5, 2009

I was never really the kind of person to wear headbands other than the occasional time here and there when I would feel I needed one. Unless my hair looked really bad that day, I would normally stay away from headbands. I don't know what it is about them…I can't put my finger on it, but they just remind me of my “first days of school” days…I feel completely cutesy and immature. But then again, I just think they look really bad one! Celebs seem to be taking a liking to headbands though, so let's see some of the favorites.

Headbands or Not?

nicole richie headbands Nicole Richie is sporting a boho-chic headband and I think it looks pretty cute on her. Just take a stretchy headband and wrap it around your forehead.

danielle lloyd headband Hancock actress Danielle Lloyd put a modern twist on the boho braid. I love the metallic as well as the double wrap around the forehead.

amy winehouse headband I'm not usually an Amy Winehouse fan, but I do love her cute bow headband here. Don't worry about getting Amy's beehive ; just tease your hair a little bit at the front and throw in the headband.

vanessa minillio headband Vanessa Minnillo pulls off a classy/retro look with this polka-doted headband. Absolutely adorable!

blake lively leighton meester headbands There are no two better people that pull of headbands than Blake Lively and Leighton Meester in Gossip Girl. I'm sure by now you must have copied something from them.

lindsay lohan headband Lindsay Lohan pulled off a “lazy day” headband and I must say it looks interesting, but obvious that she didn't care to do her hair that day.

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15 years ago

Amy Winehouse TAKE OFF THE WEAVE! That bee hive is so ugly.

And lindsey always looks like trash =p

15 years ago

does lindsey lohan even OWN a bra?