3 Teas for Glowing Skin

By Aniela / March 21, 2019

Drinking tea is a great habit to have as teas offer a long list of benefits for the body both inside and out. It’s no wonder the British are so in tune with tea time. Let’s review a list of some of the teas you should be sipping on or applying topically to benefit the true beauty that is you! These 3 teas for glowing skin are our favorites and you'll see why!

Teas for Glowing Skin

chamomile tea

1. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea is packed with antioxidants that help fight free radicals and toxins that are skin is exposed to do everyday. It also boosts the immune system, combats stress and helps us get better, deeper sleep. Applied topically it can aid in relieving dry, itchy skin and scalp while leaving skin glowing and hair shining. Chamomile is also a natural highlighter, so to lighten your locks use a cold chamomile tea rinse on your scalp and hair in the shower.

2. Green Tea

Green tea is another antioxidant-rich tea known to combat free radicals and thus, premature aging while further benefiting overall health in so many ways. When it comes to skin, green tea has been found to protect skin from damage caused by sun exposure, prevent new wrinkles from forming and prevent skin cancer, just by drinking one or two cups a day. When applied on the skin the tannins and caffeine work to reduce puffiness and brighten skin. When applied topically to the scalp and hair, green tea has been found to help excelerate hair growth resulting in longer, stronger locks.

3. Dandelion Tea

Dandelion tea is known for it’s calming effects on inflammation in the body as well as aiding digestion, and is a superhero when it comes to cleansing the liver. It is also chock full of vitamin A, an important antioxidant for maintaining healthy vision and skin and a powerful prevention against premature aging. Dandelion tea is a great substitute for coffee if you’re looking for a richer, darker hot drink to indulge in. Especially later in the day or at night.

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Teas for Glowing Skin
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