Stretch Marks be Gone! Everyday Oils to Combat Stretch Marks

By Aniela / March 20, 2019

Say goodbye to stretch marks once and for all with these everyday oils to combat stretch marks! All natural, and all 100% effective!

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Stretching out our muscles and limbs feels so great and produces wonderful affects for the body and mind. On the otherhand, when our skin stretches out it can leave a scarred appearance that many people are self-concious of and uncomforable with.

While stretch marks raise no medical concerns, they can be detrimental to one’s self-image. Generally found around the waist, thighs, upper arms, and booty, stretch marks are a result of the middle layer of skin, the dermis, essentially tearing due to rapid skin growth through events such as pregnancy, weight loss or gain, muscle loss or gain, or an increase in cortisone which causes the skin to lose elasticity thus leading to thinner, easily stretched skin. Furthermore, stretch marks are more likely to be an issue for females, as women are twice as likely to experience stretch marks over men.

Luckily, stretch marks don’t have to be a forever thing. Just as they came, they can disappear with a little TLC and regular treatment. Topical treatments containing healthy oils and essential oils have been found to greatly reduce the appearance of stretch marks, so add these to your skin care line and send the stretch marks packing!

Oils That Combat Stretch Marks

Left: Before. Right: After 2 Months of Using Essential Oils

Coconut oil is a great combator when it comes to eliminating stretch marks. It is loaded with healthy fats that help improve skin elasticity and promote cell rejuvenation. Coconut oil is also super moisturizing and nourishes damaged skin while preventing further damage.

Argan oil is packed with vitamin E which has been found to build-up skin elasticity and nourish stretched or scarred skin. Argan oil also contains fatty acids that further invigorate the skin and prevent stretch marks.

Frankinsense makes perfect sense when it comes to stretch marks. This rockstar essential oil has been found to improve elasticity, strengthen skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks by regenerating the skin cells.

To use: You can use either the coconut oil or argan oil alone, or add frankincense essential oil to either for a more potent treatment. Simply combine 2 tbsp of coconut or argan oil with 10 drops of frankincense essential oil and rub onto effected area. Let the oil mixture absorb into the skin and repeat daily or at least a few times a week. This is safe to use while pregnant as well 🙂

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Combat Stretch Marks
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