Benefits Of Omega 3 For Beauty

By Jenni / November 10, 2018

The key to achieving an overall healthy complexion is without a doubt getting all the vitamins, minerals and moisture you need. As hard as we may be trying, many times we forget that we need fatty and amino acids as well, but a lot of us don’t even know what they are! To break it down, fatty acids (such as omega-3) are molecules which are essential for healthy skin, hair and overall body mass. They provide a stable base for new, strong cell growth which is needed for proper function. The benefits of omega 3 for beauty are essential because they improve your skin, hair, and overall health!

Benefits of Omega 3 For Beauty – Why You Need It

omega 3

The most well-known and the most important types of fatty acids would be omega-3 and omega-6. They can be found in foods like nuts, seeds and avocados. They are especially rich in fish like salmon, tuna and anchovies. Getting a fulfilling amount of omega-3 fatty acids in our diets, either by eating these foods or taking supplements, can greatly reduce dry, flaky skin, broken and thinning hair as well as improve muscle growth and cognition. 


Our skin is generally extremely sensitive and must have a strong outer layer as we are continuously getting bombarded with harsh chemicals and contact. Over time, this layer can deplete and stop thriving, omega-3 helps give the skin the strength to rebuild its defensive coating and keep it safe.


Just as the fatty acids keep our skin safe, they also lock in moisture in the scalp and hair strands. It works from the inside out and can cause hair to grow longer and stronger. Damaged, thinning hair is usually caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies, if you’ve eaten all the vegetables you can and still don’t see the results you’re looking for, try watching for just how much omega-3 you’re actually getting. If you notice it really isn’t very much, eat some fish or take some supplements and watch how everything will change.


Our bodies are the vessels in which we experience the world which is why we need to keep them happy and lively. Having a good source of these important fatty acids aids in getting better memory, increases metabolism and benefits muscle growth. Getting proper nutrition is the most important part of beauty, the body is composed of vitamins, minerals, fats and protein that constantly need to be regenerated. Adding a bit of omega-3 to your diet will help give your overall look and well-being the boost it needs.

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Benefits of Omega 3

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