Bikini Body Workout Routine

By Aniela / March 22, 2019

Sprint your way to a new, healthy you, with this easy peasy bikini body workout routine!

With spring just around the corner and the last layers of ice and snow beginning to melt away into the wintry past, it’s time to get the running shoes out and hit the road with a quick but not-so-easy sprint routine, sure to help you shred the extra winter pounds and start preparing for that bikini bod you’ll be rocking in just a couple of months.

Do this bikini body workout at least two days a week to maximize your results, and be the in the best shape of your life! Couples with a healthy meal plan that's rich in green vegetables, healthy fruits, nuts, seeds, and fish, weight loss can be just around the corner! Although a good exercise plan is super important, meal planning is JUST as important, if not more! If you've got a busy week ahead of you, be sure to plan your meals accordingly so you never run out of time.


Sprinting has been found to be a key exercise when trying to burn off layers of fat, particularly around the belly region, as it boosts the metabolism and discourages hormones that are behind fat storage. The combination of speed and working the muscles leads to burning more calories and gaining more sculpted glutes, hamstrings and quads.

The idea behind sprint intervals is to do short bursts running as fast as you can, followed by a recovery period in which you run/jog at a slower pace or walk.

There are number of ways to approach sprint intervals depending on your level, how you’re feeling on a particular day, and how much time you have. A really helpful tool is an interval timer which is easy to work with and does all the timing for you so you can just focus on sprinting.

Bikini Body Workout Routine

bikini body

Bikini Body Workout #1:

A little more time, a little more recovery (Good for beginners or when you’re having a “lazy” day) Set the timer for 20-second sprint intervals and 40-second recovery intervals for 15-20 intervals for a 15-20 minute workout. This one allows for longer recovery so make sure to really explode during your 20-second sprint.

Bikini Body Workout #2:

A little of column A, a little of column B (Good for the days you’re feeling more energy but not ready for a crazy sprint session) Set the timer for 30-second sprint intervals and 30-second recovery intervals for 10-15 total intervals. This is a 10-15 minute workout and you can always add more intervals or do less depending on your energy levels.

Bikini Body Workout #3:

Not a lot of time, but a killer! (Good for high energy levels or when need to squeeze in a quickie) Set the timer for 20-second sprint intervals and 10-second recovery intervals for 10 total intervals. This is only a 5-minute workout but if you go all out during the 20-second sprints you’ll be huffing by the end.

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Bikini Body Workout Routine
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