18 Rose Gold Makeup Looks

18 Rose Gold Makeup Looks

By Aniela M / January 17, 2017

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These 18 rose gold makeup looks are SO pretty, you’re gonna have a hard time NOT copying them! Because we’re in the middle of winter, a warm hue is so inviting, and these rose gold looks are just the thing you need for a quick pick-me-up and an overall warming feel! Let’s check out some of these angelic looks and get inspired!

Rose Gold Makeup Styles

To pull off the rose gold makeup look, you’ll need to play around with different shades of rose gold to see which works best for YOUR skin tone!

Light Skin looks best with pinkish hues such as the one below…

rose gold makeupMedium/Olive Skin can usually pull off all hues or rose gold so experiment with what you like best!

rose gold makeup8Dark Skin works best with red and orange hues such as the one below…

rose gold makeup17

One of the tricks to pulling off the rose gold look, is to match your eyeshadow to your lipstick in terms of the hue. For instance, if you’re using a rose gold shadow in an orange hue, keep the lips in that same orange hue as well because this will give you the rose gold look you’re going for!. You’re basically looking for an overall “glow” from forehead to chin!

Check out these rose gold looks and get inspired to create your own unique look!

rose gold makeup2rose gold makeup3rose gold makeup4rose gold makeup5rose gold makeup6rose gold makeup7rose gold makeup9rose gold makeup10rose gold makeup11rose gold makeup12rose gold makeup13rose gold makeup14rose gold makeup15rose gold makeup16rose gold makeup18

Which look is your favorite?!?

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