Enhance Your Eyelid Shape With These Eyeliner Tips

By Aniela / February 2, 2009

Today we're going to take a look at some amazing eyeliner tips that will enhance your eyelid shape! Everyone has different shaped eyelids, whether they're deep-set, arched or prominent, you want to make sure that when you're applying makeup, you're actually enhancing your features and not downsizing them. So for example if you have “hooded” or “hidden” eyelid, you'll want to open it up more so as to make your eyes appear bigger. Read on to see what shape of eyelid you have and how you can enhance it.

Enhance Your Eyelid Shape With These Eyeliner Tips

prominent eyelid If you have a prominent looking eyelid, I'd say you're in luck, but you'll also need to tone it down by making your lid look smaller and thinner. What you'll need to do is shade in the entire eyelid after which you'll want to highlight only below the eyebrow and not the eyelid.

hooded eyelid A hooded or a hidden eyelid shows less of your lid, so you'll want to make it wider and more visible. To do that, apply a highlighter to the lids so it'll give the impression of a more “opened-up” eye. Shade the crease of the eyelid only and spread the shadow outwards.

deep-set eyes Deep-set eyes are probably the more versatile lids to work with. You can either apply shadow tips to highlight or shade the eyelid, but just make sure you don't do both at the same time. Shade the crease of the eye and apply a highlighter just underneath the brow.

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14 years ago

ummm i tried all of this but i cant figure out what color looks good on me and its terrible because with out makeup i look uglier than what i really am

14 years ago

celena, you should go to the mall’s make-up counter. maybe you need expert help