Get Flawless Makeup

By Aniela / February 2, 2009


Wanna know how to get flawless makeup? We'll show you how! Depending on your age, you probably wear your makeup in the style that was popular when YOU came of age. So if you started wearing makeup in the 80s, you're probably stuck wearing the same colors as well as the same style. But as you know, those colors and styles are highly outdated and you need to change up your routine. So how can you make sure you get flawless looking makeup that's not outdated? Keep reading to find out.

Get Flawless Makeup

Start With a Clean Canvasclean face

Think of your face as a painting canvas. You need to start off with a clean, moisturized face before applying your makeup. If you've got the time, apply a cold compress to the eyes to reduce puffiness. You can also use cold tea bags as a compress since they contain caffeine which reduces puffiness. If you're strapped for time, use an eye cream that reduces puffiness. Before applying your concealer and foundation, massage moisturizer gently around the eye area, even if you have oily skin; this is because the eye area has almost no oil glands.

Examine Your Eyebrowsarched brows

Eyebrows are probably the most underrated facial feature, so you need to play them up. First, you should know which eyebrow shape suits your face best. Don't look in magazines trying to copy a look, because that might not work on you. Whether thick brows are in or not, the best shape is to be determined by your facial features, so go to a professional salon and get some opinions before taking any leaps. If you're 30 and over, an arched brow works best since it gives your face a lifted look.

Now that you've got the perfect brow shape, it's important to keep it that way. Once you see a stray, pluck it, but don't over do it. Over-plucking is a major no-no. To keep up the shape, go and purchase a clipped-angle brush which will help you groom your brows. Take some taupe eyeshadow and use the brush to apply a little bit of color to the top hairs of the brow, dotting it along the high edge at the top of your arch. Continue doing the whole brow then brush it back into place. If you've got some hairs being a little unruly, use a brow gel to set them in place.

Focus on the Eyeseye makeup

Before applying any color, apply a little bit of concealer to the eyelids, blending upwards towards the brow area. If you've got dark under-eye circles, use a concealer to hide the shadows. This will help brighten the eyes as well as with the blending and setting of the colors. You'll notice that most makeup compacts contain 2-5 different shadows that are meant to be used together, but not all at the same time. Start off with a dark color on the lid, such as navy or chocolate brown, blending it gently upward. Apply a taupe or any other light color on the brow bone. Try using only 2 colors instead of 3. Use the darkest shadow applied to the lid during the night and opt for a lighter shade during the day. For a more defined look, line your upper and lower eyelashes.

Mascaralong lashes

The proper application of mascara is crucial when applying makeup. First, use an eyelash curler to enhance your lashes. If you find that your lashes still don't curl, give your eyelash curler a little bit of heat with the help of a blow drier. Try getting as close to your lashes as possible to get the maximum effect. When it comes to choosing mascara, don't go for thickening, lengthening ones since those will end up giving you clumpy, flaky lashes. Instead, opt for a simple, straight mascara that will give you great color and no mess. During the daytime, avoid using mascara on your lower lashes, since you'll get a much cleaner look. At night, go all out and apply mascara to both lower and upper lashes using two coats.

Flawless makeup complete!

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14 years ago

This had great tricks. I loved it!

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thanks for sharing some info,,i like it…