Spring Beauty Tips

By Aniela / January 30, 2009

Today we're going to take a look at spring beauty tips! Right around the corner, spring guarantees a fresh start on everything, including fashion and beauty! This spring, you'll see a lot of new makeup looks,  and it all goes so perfectly with the spring 2009 fashion trends. So what's on the plate for this spring's looks?

Spring Beauty Tips

Hairloose hair

If you have long hair, opt for natural, loose waves. For shorter hair, high, glossy pony-tails are a must thing spring. To get super high shine, use a deep conditioner once a week as well as a hair mask. Also, it is imperative that you use a shampoo and conditioner that caters to your hair type.

Eyessmoky eye

As always, don't throw out your black eyeliner just yet. The smoky eye will also be very popular this spring with well contoured eyebrows. Try something new and match your eyeliner to your outfit. For a new twist on the smoky eye, blend black eyeshadow with green, brown or purple. And don't forget those thick eyelashes!

Cheeksrosy cheeks

It's all about looking natural, so apply a rose-colored blush. But of course, make sure you use whatever color blush your skin tone will match with, as long as it is a natural shade that will complement your complexion.

Lipsbold lipstick

Make a statement this spring with bold lipstick colors. Think sour cherry and prune colors, but don't overdo it on the eyes. If you have strong lips, make sure you just use a little mascara and maybe some eyeliner for definition.

Nailsbrown nail polish

Dark nail polish is in, although I expect lighter hues to pop up. Think chocolate browns, metallics, reds and purples for a dramatic effect.

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15 years ago

I agree with everything except the blush when I want to make my blush look natraul I pinch my cheek for about ten sec then whatever color it turns after you’ve pinched it is
the color you should apply becase all the blod rushes to your cheeks and that what happens when you blush and not all of use are blessed with natrually rose cheeks