Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas

By Aniela / January 24, 2017

These amazing smokey eye makeup ideas will inspire you to create some very sexy and quite unique smokey eye looks. A smokey eye doesn't have to be hard to pull off – you just have to play around a bit! So before you try to copy any of these looks, do so in your spare time and just for fun, so that when you re-create it for your next night out, it comes out perfect! A few tips before making any kind of smokey eye, is to make sure you have the right tools.

What Do I Need to Create a Smokey Eye?

  • Good quality eyeshadows in black, dark purple, dark brown, dark green, gold,blues, etc…
  • A black liquid eyeliner
  • A liner brush
  • Blending brush (to blend all the eyeshadow so that it looks seamless and flawless – very important tool)
  • Angle eyeshadow brush
  • A good mascara

Take a cue from these smoke eye makeup ideas and come up with something entirely your own, or re-create a look! Remember to play around with colors and most importantly, blend blend blend!

Smokey Eye Makeup Styles

#1. Navy Blue Smokey Eye

navy blue smokey eye

#2. Burgundy Smokey Eye

burgundy smokey eye

#3. Plum Smokey Eye

plum smokey eye

#4. Gold Smokey Eye

gold smokey eye

#5. Rose Smokey Eye

rose smokey eye

#6. Blue Smokey Eye

blue smokey eye

#7. Purple Smokey Eye

purple smokey eye

#8. Glittery Smokey Eyeglittery smokey eye

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smokey eye makeup ideas

Images Source: Elliewilde

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