Do you love Disney movies? Of course you do! These 6 Disney princess hairstyles are unbelievably cute and perfect for a fancy night out, such as prom! These hairstyles work best on medium to long hair, so make sure you have enough length before you begin! Take a look at the illustrations below to copy these looks and let yourself feel and look like a real Disney princess! If images are too small, click on the image to open it up in a new window and enlarge 🙂

Disney Princess Hair Styles

#1. Elsa

Elsa hairstyle

To re-create this look, make sure you have thick, long hair. Definitely would not recommend to anyone that has short and/or thin hair.

#2. Cinderella

disney princess hairstyles

Again, make sure your hair is long and thick enough to achieve this look!

#3. Anna From Frozen

Anna from Frozen hairstyle

Channel your inner Anna with this fairly easy to copy hairstyle! No need for long and thick hair on this on – medium length will work just as well!

#4. Princess Jasmine

princess jasmine hairstyle

You definitely need a full and long head of hair for this one, but if you’ve got it then do it!

#5. Belle

Belle hairstyle

This super pretty and easy hairstyle works on medium and long hair!

#6. Ariel

Ariel hairstyle

Bonus points if you have red hair already!

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Images Sources: Ellewilde