10 Clever Nail Hacks

By Aniela / October 5, 2018

Looking to step up your nail game? These 10 clever nail hacks are complete game changers and once you use them, you'll never go back!

10 Clever Nail Hacks You Need In Your Life

#1. Line Your Nails With Petroleum Jelly or White Craft Glue

applying craft glue around nails

Lining your nails with petroleum jelly or white craft clue before painting your nails. Use a cotton swab to apply the jelly or the glue around the nail base. This will create a barrier between the nail polish and will create less of a mess.

#2. Prevent Chips

applying clear nail polish

Prevent chips by applying two basecoat layers: one layer just on the tip of your nails, and another layer on the entire nail. Just wait until the first coat has dried before applying the second coat.

#3. Use White Nail Polish to Make Colors Pop

white nail polish to make colors pop

Before applying bright, neon nail polish, use a white nail polish. Apply white nail polish to your nails and let them dry. Then, apply a bright polish on top. The bright polish will look much brighter and more colorful.

#4. Clean Up Messes With a Q-Tip

qtip to clean up nails

Use a q-tip dipped in acetone to remove any nail polishes messes. The Q-tip is small enough to remove any nail polish that may have went on the skin, without removing the polish from the nails.

#5. Easy French Manicure

rubber band french manicure

Create a super easy French manicure by looping a rubber band around the nail. Take a rubber band and tie it in the middle Loop one end over your thumb (to create tension) and align the other end over the top of your nail, just below the edge, to create a a French tip shape.

#6. Make Your Own Nail Polish

making your own nail polish

Got some loose eyeshadow or pigment? Mix it with a little bit of clear nail polish until you get the consistency of a nail polish. Apply as you would any other polish!

#7. Fast Drying Nails With Ice Water

nail in ice water

Dry your nails super fast by soaking them in ice water. Grab a bowl and fill it with water and some ice cubes. After painting your nails, soak them for a few minutes and voila!

#8. Non-Stick Cooking Spray To Dry Nails

spraying pam on nails

Another way to get your nails to dry super quickly is to spray cooking spray directly onto the nails after painting them. Wait a few minutes, and wash the oil off – your nail polish should be nice and dry!

#9. Paint White Craft Glue As a Basecoat Before Painting Coats of Glitter

peeling off glitter polish

Glittery nails can be a pain in the butt to remove, but applying a layer of craft glue will make the glitter come off easily. Apply a layer of Elmer's craft glue on bare nails and let dry. Then, go ahead and apply as much glitter as you like! When it comes time to removing the polish, simply peel off!

#10. Create a Marbled Effect

marble effect nails

Love the marbled nail effect? Fill a paper cup with room temperature water, grab two different colors of nail polish, and add a few drops of each polish into the cup of water. Be sure to alternate the paints each time. Now grab a paper clip and swirl the layers together, creating the design you want. Apply tape around the skin of your fingers, and dip your finger into the swirled polish. Let it chill for a few second, and pull your finger out. Clean up any residue with a Q-tip dipped in acetone.

Now won't these clever nail hacks make your life that much easier? We think so!

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