10 Disney Princess Nail Designs You Can Copy Right Now!

10 Disney Princess Nail Designs You Can Copy Right Now!

By Aniela M / March 16, 2017

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If you love fairly tales, nail designs, and just overall awesomeness, you’re going to love these Disney princess nail designs! The inspiration for these princess nail designs comes from the colors that are represented in the princesses’ clothes. So for example, Cinderella was wearing blue, so the nail design will also have blue in it! What we really love about these very unique and very adorable Disney princess nail designs is that they’re easy to replicate and you don’t need a nail stamping kit!

Anyone can replicate these nail designs, and they’ll look amazing on any nail shape or length. So show your love and support for these Disney princesses by donning an awesome nail design!

Disney Princess Nail Designs

#1. Tiana Nail Design

#2. Snow White Nail Design

snow white nail design

Source: Hairsprayandhighheels

#3. Sleeping Beauty Nail Design

#4. Tangled Nail Design

tangled nail design

Source: Hairsprayandhighheels

#5. Pocahontas Nail Design

#6. Mulan Nail Design

mulan nail design

Source: Hairsprayandhighheels

#7. Jasmine Nail Design

jasmine nail design

Source: Hairsprayandhighheels

#8. Belle Nail Design

belle nail design

Source: Hairsprayandhighheels

#9. Ariel Nail Design

#10. Cinderella Nail Design


With a bit of a steady hand, some pretty nail polish colors, and some patience, you too can achieve any one of these Disney Princess nail designs! Which one was your favorite? We absolutely loved Cinderella and Ariel! Happy painting!

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Disney Princess Nail Designs

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