DIY Matte Nails

By Aniela / July 12, 2016

Matte nails can look so beautiful, but that doesn't mean you have to rush out and purchase matte polishes! In fact, we've discovered a super easy, fool proof way to mattify your nails without having to leave home, buy anything, or make a mess. Do you have a stove, a pot, and some water? Then that's all you need! And of course, nail polish – any nail polish! This DIY matte nails tutorial is fool-proof and anyone can do it so let's get to it!

DIY Matte Nails Tutorial

First off, start by cleaning, filing, and buffing your nails. Basically, give yourself an at home manicure. It's a relaxing thing to do, plus it'll make your nail polish look that much better!

Fill a pot with water and put it on high heat. Get it to a boil and wait for steam to form. The steam is what will make your nail polish matte! While your water is boiling, start by painting your nails. Apply a base coat, and wait for it to dry a little. Then, apply your first coat making sure it's not too thick. After the first coat has dried, apply a second coat.

Then, place your nails above the steam ensuring that each nail gets “steamed”. Each nail needs about 3-5 seconds. Make sure not to burn yourself though! Wave each hand over the steam for just a few seconds. If  any nail still looks glossy, hold over steam a little longer.

And voila! Easy, peasy, matte nails in just a few minutes with minimal effort and no money spent!

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diy matte nails

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