Pink Manhattan Purrfume

By Jackie / November 8, 2007

These days it's hard to find that perfect fragrance with so many different scents out there and that's why I love Pink Manhattan Perfume. It's ultra soft, ultra feminine- it's everything I want in a perfume!

A luscious combination of top notes that include fresh peach and French vanilla, mid-notes of succulent flowers such as pink hibiscus and gardenia and a bottom note of soft, powdery-skin musk.

t's deliciously sweet but in a very grown-up way. If you love sweet scents, this is the one for you! Created by famed New York singer/songwriter Sali Oguri, Pink Manhattan evokes the sweet, upbeat vibe of the urban lifestyle!perfume.jpg

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Susan D
16 years ago

Where can I get PINK MANHATTAN? I have been searching. I thought it was discontinued…please help me find it! THANKS

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