Silky Soft Moisturizer

By Jackie / November 7, 2007

Moisturizers are needed, especially during the fall and winter when our skin is exposed to the harsh weather. So take care of your skin by making sure to moisturize every day, especially after a shower, and not using scalding hot water which will damage your skin more than

So how can you stay soft and moisturized all winter long? St. Ives Swiss Formula Whipped Silk, Advanced Body Moisturizer will quench your skin like no other moisturizer and leave you feeling silky soft for a long time.

St. Ives beauty products have been my favorites for a long time, because their ingredients are soothing to the skin and they do exactly what they say!

This formula combines vitamins and emollients to create an unbeliveably soft, light textured cream that glides on easily and absorbs quickly without the greasy feel.

The Whipped Silk moisturizer contains pure Swiss glacial water, Swiss botanicals and hydrolyzed silk proteins that will leave you wanting more.

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15 years ago

where can i find it? 😐