Secret’s Spring Fling!

By Aniela / February 24, 2010

Secret's Spring Fling tights are my new favorite tights and here's why! So Secret sent me these amazing light tights a few weeks ago, but I just haven't had time to get around to them. Anyways, I just wanted to tell you guys a little bit about these tights and why I love them so much. Now don't think I'm biased just because they sent me these…I do wear other brands as well, but I've actually liked Secret for a very long time, so here's the 411 on Secret Spring Fling!

Secret's Spring Fling!

So the first thing is that Secret Light Tights are very inexpensive. You won't find anything under $10, so you're looking for anything in between $5-$7…which is a great deal.

If you wear tights a lot, I definitely recommend their spring line simply because of the amazing colors. They come in a range of colors starting from skin color, to blue, pink, teal, white, etc. So whatever your needs, they're pretty much got you covered.

Another reason why I love Secret is because of how light their tights feel. You actually feel like you're wearing nothing at all and they're also super comfortable. On top of that, they all have a really nice sheen that isn't overpowering and it just perfect for any occasion.

So browse the pics and let me know which is your favorite color (I'm currently obsessed with the pink!). You can get Secret tights at pretty much any department store such as Walmart, Zellers, etc. Happy shopping! 🙂

P.S. I know there's no pictures and that's because 1. I couldn't find any online, and 2. The pictures they sent me were way to big and no matter what I did to resize them wordpress wouldn't let me upload them:(   But I'm going to keep looking and hopefully I'll find the pics and upload them check back!!!

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14 years ago

i can not wait to try the blue that for the update!!!!!