The Year of the Braids

By Aniela / February 26, 2010

It's the year of the braids! I don't know if you've been following up on NYFW or any of this year's shows so far, but there sure was an abundance of braids, ranging from side braids to messy braids and everything in between. I, being a braid lover, am very excited to sport some cool braids this season, and so I've compiled a few of my favorite celeb looks! So whether you cell em' braids of plaits there's a style for every braid lover.

The Year of the Braids

Ashley Olsen rocks this super cute side braid that's perfect if you have side-swept bangs and you want to sweep the hair out of your face.

year of the braids

Jennifer Aniston wears a pretty “head-band”-like braid at the Oscars.

I'm totally loving Fergie's fishtail braid…if only I had such long hair!

Not a fan of Lauren Conrad, but definitely a fan of this hairstyle!

Loving these super-cute braids on both Rachel Bilson and Nicole Richie.


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14 years ago

Luvin the braids, can make it so pretty and elegant, yet so sassy and sexy, too! Keep it comin girls!!!!!! haha lolz

12 years ago

i love the braids how do you do a waterfall braid?

12 years ago

I love Ashley’s hair!!! Anyone know how to do it?

11 years ago

I am doing barber school I came in thinking only male fadees but o realized how wecan do so much im into all that girly stuff cause its so so fun so if anybody understands me that would be cool