6 Pinterest Beauty Hacks You Should NEVER Try

By Aniela / October 24, 2016

Pinterest as well as other social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are chalk full of beauty hacks, DIYs, tips, and tricks that people SWEAR by! But can you really trust that these tips and hacks actually worked? How many of us have actually tried and vetted these? The answer is a regretful few. For some reason, we trust that almost everything we read is true, but in reality, more often than not, these things simply don't work. So in light of this, we've compiled a list of the most popular Pinterest beauty hacks you should NEVER try. We're talking about the thousand pins hacks we see on our pages day in and day out that are actually complete BULL! Let's debunk!

6 Pinterest Beauty Hacks You Should NEVER Try

#1. Using a Microfiber Sock Instead of a Beauty Blender


One of the most popular pins on Pinterest is using a microfiber sock instead of a beauty blender. You would do this to save yourself some money, being that a beauty blender is around $20. Tried this trick SEVERAL times with different microfiber socks and wasn't pleased. I felt like most of my foundation just stuck to the sock and ended up making a big mess. I suggest sticking to a beauty blender or just using your fingers. Save your socks!

#2. Applying Eyeliner Using an Eyelash Curler


Apparently, if you line your eyelash curler with eyeliner and apply it to your lashes (as close to the last line as you can get), you'll end up with eyeliner, saving you some time. This trick not only doesn't save you time, as it creates a mess on your eyelash curler AND on your lids, but the line is also so faint that you may as well not even put any on. Trust me – stick to the regular way of applying eyeliner – it only takes 5 seconds!

#3. Lengthen Your Eyelashes With Loose Powder

loose powder


According to many, many sources on Pinterest, dipping a disposable mascara wand into loose powder or baby powder and applying it on your lashes, will make your mascara into this super duper miracle mascara which will turn your lashes into thicker, longer ones. WRONG! All this dad was create a lot of mess (see a pattern here?), and did pretty much nothing! Do NOT dip your mascara wand in loose powder in hopes of giving yourself longer, thicker lashes – it just doesn't work and will actually leave your lashes super clumpy.

#4. Create a Smokey Eye By Drawing a Hashtag Onto Your Lidshashtags-on-eyelids

You've seen these eyelid pics everywhere! The drawn-on hashtag on the outer corner of the lid. It promises quick, effortless smokey eyes. So I tried it, and was highly disappointed! After drawing the mentioned hashtags, I started blending it in. And blending, and blending, and blending. This frikken eyeliner just would not blend as easily as eyeshadow (DUH!). Needles to say, my lids were completely red in the end, and it looked as if I've been crying and then wiped my eyes with the back of my hand. Save yourself time by NOT trying this “hack” and instead, going the old fashioned way.

#5. Use Red Lipstick to Cover Up Dark Circles


Before even trying this, I was totally weary. I mean, there are hundreds of concealers on the market…I don't remember seeing any bright red ones? Maybe I just didn't look hard enough. Regardless, applying red or orange lipstick to cover up my dark circles just left my skin completely raw and itchy after trying to blend and blend and blend for what seemed like hours. Were my dark circles gone though? YES – they were replaced by red circles. Stick to reg concealer  – that ish always works!

#6. Removing Nail Polish With Lemon and Vinegar


Apparently mixing a freshly squeezed lemon with some vinegar will remove nail polish. Say whaaa? Ok, I was thrilled by this because I honestly hate spending money on nail polish remover. So after mixing my concoction, I used a cotton ball dipped into the stuff to remove my nail polish. I left it on for a couple of minutes and then proceeded to wipe it off. Nothing. I dipped the cotton ball in again and left it on my nails even longer. Still nothing. I scrubbed and rubbed some more. I dipped my entire fingernails in the vinegar and lemon mixture and STILL nothing. Zero points.


If you have any terrible beauty hacks to share, comment below 🙂

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